18 Top Rated Wine Coolers in 2020

top rated wine coolers

Whether it’s after a long day, a celebration, or just a treat, drinking a well-chilled glass of wine is an enjoyable experience. Thus, wine coolers are an important investment. Everyone deserves one that’s easy to use and keeps bottles at apt temperatures. You can find many of them online, or your friends may suggest some, but you should make a purchase only after becoming reasonably informed about them. Therefore, we created this article to help you purchase a great wine cooler for yourself. Hopefully, after reaching the end, you’ll feel like you’ll never go wrong with a purchase.

Top Rated Wine Coolers (18 of the Best Reviewed)

After extensive research, we have come up with top-rated wine coolers that offer great features and help you have a great time with friends and family. Let’s have a look.

1. HOmeLabs’ 18 Bottle

The HOmeLabs’ 18 Bottle Wine Cooler measures 14.0 x 20.1 x 25.5 inches – a versatile size for your bar, kitchen or entertainment space. It can house up to 18 standard (750 ml) wine bottles. It also sports five sturdy and strong racks, constructed from polished chrome. It also allows you to change the thermostat controls too. An LCD temperature indicator helps you accurately program your preferred setting. Set the temperature between 54°F – 66°F, to create the absolute ideal environment for your white and red wine bottles.

This impressive cooler combines form and function; your bottles are stored behind a stylish glass door and a magnetic seal, and the racks slide out for easy access. As a bonus, this wine cooler features an interior light switch so you can admire your collection from a distance. It also features a thermoelectric cooling system, with a whisper-quiet fan. This reduces excessive noise that other coolers make. Moreover, HOmeLabs also offers a 1-year warranty and free return or exchange within 30 days, with a seasoned and dedicated customer care service to alleviate all of your concerns.

2. Allavino’s VSWR172-2BWRN

Allavino’s unique model VSWR172, measures 71.5 x 23.5 x 27 inches. It has a whopping maximum bottle capacity of 172 bottles, with 2 shelves that hold 20 bottles each and 12 shelves that hold up to 11 bottles each. This intelligently crafted unit includes a front-venting design and finished cabinet, which allows you to use it built-in or free-standing.

The VSWR172 comes with both a towel or curved bar handle, letting you customize it to best fit in with the surrounding decor. The dual design allows you to store both white and red wine simultaneously. You can easily monitor and adjust temperatures for both zones using user-friendly, push-button controls and an intuitive digital display. The lower zone is set from 55-65°F, while the upper zone can be set from 40-55 °F.

Thanks to the additional storage space between shelves, this wine cooler can store bottles of varying diameters without requiring you to remove racks, greatly reducing your overall storage capacity. Moreover, the sleek black cabinet with a sophisticated all-black interior and matching framed glass doors, emulate the elegance of a traditional wine cellar. However, the innovative features like the new advanced cooling system, fan-forced cooling, and LED lighting make this unit a cutting-edge wine storage option.

3. Ivation’s IV-FWCT181DB

Ivation’s IV-FWCT181D8 measures 26.5 x 22.2 x 15.6 inches, offering versatility and durability in a single product. It can house up to 18 wine bottles at a time. The cooler maintains a constant temperature and allows you to customize, to create an ideal climate for your wines. The lower zone can be set from 54-64°F, while the upper zone can be set from 46-64 °F. The user-friendly touch control feature lets you quickly monitor and set temperatures in both zones.

The cooler is also insulated with CFC-Free Polyurethane foam and closed with thermopile doors that are tempered and smoked. This ensures an odour-free environment and maintains constant humidity, keeping corks from drying out. It also ensures darkness, blocking out harmful UV rays and sunlight to preserve the flavours.

Moreover, the wine cooler has a sleek design, with exterior touch controls, and an LCD temperature display. Soft interior lighting with an ON/OFF switch makes sure you have complete control over the unit. Ivation’s wine cooler is specially built with an energy-efficient thermo-electric cooling system with no compressor, minimising noise and vibration effects. It is also backed up by exceptional customer service. So, if you face any technical issue, you can contact the authorized professionals at any time.

4. Kalamera’s 24’’ Cooler

Kalamera offers a wide range of wine coolers, but this 24’’ unit offers a sophisticated look to display in the home bar, the kitchen or the entertainment area. The unit is beautifully crafted in an elegant black colour palette, set with a stainless-steel door and handle.

The unit has 5 Beachwood shelves, to hold each bottle securely and has a maximum capacity of 46 wine bottles. The shelves look nice, yet are strong enough to hold your collection comfortably. Stoppers on each side of the shelves keep your bottles from falling off too. Moreover, its incorporated dual-zone thermostat lets you adjust each zone for the perfect chilling temperature (50-66° F for the lower zone and 40-50°F for the upper zone). The thermal meter also restores your cooler to the set temperature from power loss.

With quality vibration-reduction gear and an outstanding compressor unit, this wine cooler offers an evenly cooled space for your wine bottles with minimized vibration. Your bottles can lay quietly and safely in the cooler. The built-in universal, hexagon-shaped, bolt-lock, guards you cooler, preventing frequent opening with temperature changing or kids playing with your cooler.

5. KUPPET 35 Bottle

With a wide range of wine coolers, KUPPET has its place in the market. With its 35-bottle capacity, this wine cooler unit is perfect for storing and chilling white, red or other wines such as Champagne and Beer. The wine cooler uses wooden shelves and a compressor refrigeration system to store and chill your wine collection efficiently, ensuring the best taste too. Whether you want a free-standing unit in your entertainment area or dining room, or a built-in wine cooler in your bar area or kitchen, The KUPPET’s cooler has it all.

The digital touch control panel is convenient for the sensitive temperature adjustment, suitable for wine. It is also equipped with a temperature control lock, which automatically locks after the temperature is set. Moreover, it allows you to customize the temperature to one that creates the perfect climate for your collection. The temperature range is 37.4° F – 50° F.

The interior of the wine cooler has LED lights and a five-layer frame. You can adjust the height and the number of shelves at will, and choose the placement method that suits you. The built-in circulation fan and ventilation grill operate on sounds less than 35 dB, thereby making the unit noise-free. The wine cabinet features a double-layered glass frame, so that it can avoid harmful heat and light. 

6. Silent’s Wine Enthusiast 28 Bottle

Sleek in design and state-of-the-art in performance, The Wine Enthusiast is sure to bring your home bar or game room to a whole new level. The generous capacity allows you to refrigerate up to 28 bottles of your favorite wines and conveniently includes 6 pull-out shelves. The top shelf accommodates oversized bottles. Set the temperature of this wine cooler between 52°F – 60°F to create the absolute ideal environment for your white and wine bottles.

Keep your wine at peak temperatures without freezing or bursting them. Easily set the temperature with the digital touch-screen, thermostat panel. This wine cooler has enough space to accommodate your favorite wine or champagne. Capacity is based on the standard Bordeaux-sized bottle. The removable shelving accommodates larger-sized 750ml bottles. It also offers the top-quality wine storing technology, without the vibration, noise and energy consumption, while the double-paned reflective smoked-glass door provides thermal insulation.

7. NutriChef’s PKTEWCDS1802

If you are a wine lover, then you must consider this exceptional wine cooler by NutriChef. This thermos-electric wine cooler will take care of your wine collection when it comes to the perfect air precision and temperature. This wine cooler lets you customize the core, and create a space that’s specific to your collection. All racks are made to cradle up to 18 wine bottles. Maximizing storage capabilities allow you to build an admirable collection. Moreover, vertical shelves allow you to store even the opened bottles in the cellar, so you never have to waste your favorite wine.

It also comes with the latest tech options, including a touch control, a LCD digital thermostat display and a dual-zone, through which you can precisely set the temperature you want with the lower zone of 54°F – 64°F and an upper zone of 46°F – 64°F. The unit features a built-in circulation fan & ventilation grill, as well as, a reinforced glass with an air-tight seal. The tinted glass doors ensure that while your wine bottles are visible, they are safe from potential harm of UV rays and harsh lights. Your wines are safe and protected with this cooler by your side. 

8. Northair’s 24 Bottle

Northair offers plenty of storage area in their product. You’ll be able to chill 24 bottles of white, red and other wines, such as Champagne and Beer, in this 2.7 cubic foot-capacity cooler. Moreover, due to its sleek design, it can be placed anywhere in the house, even in the bedroom. Your wines will always be in pristine condition, as you can program the cooler from 43°F -61°F. The powerful compressor-based cooling system ensures ultra-fast cooling and high noise reduction.

A clear, reversible door can be quickly swung, and easily adjusted to open from either end. It’s also easy to see what drinks are being chilled. The cooler is equipped with integrated LED lights that help you find drinks comfortably, especially at night. Removable beverage shelves allow convenient fillings from soda or beer cases, and can also be adjusted or removed, if you want to organize tall bottles and cans.

The built-in circulation fan and ventilation grill make the unit heat-resistant. This elegant wine cabinet also features a double-layered glass boundary, so that it can avoid heat and light, maintaining wine quality and freshness. Northair provides round-the-clock customer service too, and ensures a 100% satisfying solution to any problem with the product. They’re here for you no matter what.

9. EdgeStar’s 332 Bottle

Cool and store your treasured white and red wine bottles separately, with two of EdgeStar’s wine coolers, each with the maximum capacity of 166 bottles. Together they make an extra-large capacity side by side cooler, which can house up to 332 bottles – designed to fit standard sized Bordeaux bottles.

The sleek, stainless-steel trim and classic-styled, wood-trimmed racks create a contemporary look that is sure to look great amongst any décor. The wine cooler has a wide temperature range of 40-65°F, making it ideal for all types of wines. Touch control and digital temperature displays, featured on each unit, allow for easy temperature monitoring and adjustment. The tinted glass doors ensure that while your wine bottles are visible, they are safe from UV rays and harsh light.

Front ventilation allows for flush-with-cabinetry installation, while the fully finished black cabinets allow for freestanding use as well. Powerful circulation fans and a high-quality compressor, provide uniform cooling by evenly distributing cool air throughout. Built-in carbon filters protect your wines by acting as a natural barrier against harmful odors. Moreover, the unit’s safety lock makes sure your wine collection remains well protected.

10. Koldfront’s TWR282S 28 Bottle

Whether you’re starting your wine collection or want increased storage options, this generously-sized Koldfront TWR2825 is certainly worth the investment. This cooler can store more than two cases of your favorite wines at a time, and is designed to house 28 standard-sized, 750 ml Bordeaux bottles. The adjustable thermostat lets you set the temperature in the low-50°F to mid-60°F range, suitable for both red and white wines. The internal fan ensures even temperature distribution, to eliminate hot spots that can compromise the quality of your wine.

The interior LED lighting also helps to provide just the right amount of light to let you view your collection without having to open the door. Utilizing a thermos-electric Peltier unit, this wine cooler efficiently cools your wine without a compressor. As a result, the unit operates more quietly and with much less vibration, to minimize the potential for sediment agitation or other disturbance to the wine. It also costs less than its other counterparts within the market, making it a highly desirable choice

11. Vinotemp’s VNTVT-165TSRV

Organize and store your wine collection in this attractive, free-standing wine cooler. Featuring all-glass, seamless technology, this unit stores up to 165 bottles in one bulk section, available at the bottom of the cooler and 14 black-wire shelves. The user-friendly digital control panel, located at the top of the cooler, lets you adjust the internal temperature of the cooler. It offers a wide temperature range of 40°-72° F.

The interior LED lighting creates a gorgeous display and helps you sift through your collection. A stainless, trimmed and recessed door handle is located on the side of the door, giving a seamless glass aesthetic. A dual-pane glass door lock located at the bottom of the door, preventing unwanted temperature fluctuations, while keeping the cooler’s contents secure. This unit is ideal for the wine buff that’s looking to store their small to medium-sized wine collection.

12. Smith & Hanks’ RW145DR

Maximize your wine storage while minimizing your costs, with this classy wine cooler from Smith & Hanks. Whether you are storing white or red wines, ready to drink or long-term, this wine cooler can handle any requirement. The 24’’ RW145DR can fit into almost any space. Just plug it in, and its ready to use. No extra electrical hook-ups and water lines to deal with.

Its flexible design offers durability and options such as built-in or free-standing. With a dual-zone cabinet, you’ll store up to 46 bottles of your favorite wine for long-term aging, at temperatures that match your taste. The digital thermostatic control maintains consistent temperatures ranging from 41-72° F.

Moreover, the wood-accented, low-profile, offset bottle shelves store various sized bottles, including pinots, cabs, and chardonnay bottles with ease. The cabinet also features soft LED lighting that helps you illuminate and showcase your wine collection. However, the greatest feature of this product is its high-efficiency compressor cooling technology. This uses less energy than other wine coolers, making it highly efficient and reliable.

The double-paned tempered glass with UV shield protects your wine from harmful UV rays, and the air management system circulates cool air throughout the entire cabinet, keeping your wine safe. It comes with a lock and key that physically protect your drinks too. This unit is backed up by a 1-year full warranty and a 3-year warranty on the sealed system and compressor, offering full confidence in the company.

13. Sipmore’s Cooler

If you’re looking for a bigger space for storing varied sizes and types of wines such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, and other larger bottles, then you must consider this amazing option by Sipmore. It’s perfect for wine lovers who have a burgeoning wine collection. This wine cooler can hold up to 12 multi-sized bottles, providing the best environment to age your wine without excess vibrations and noise.

With outstanding heat preservation techniques and a quality compressor, Sipmore’s smart temperature control system with a digital touch screen can help you save electricity as well as keep your collection in pristine conditions. The thoughtful touch panel allows you to change feedback between flashing lights and sounds, when operating the control board. Keep your wine at peak temperature without them freezing or bursting. Easily set the temperature with the digital touch-screen thermostat panel.

Moreover, the 180° overturn, LED stage spotlight will bring a bright lustre, to read the bottle labels. Showcase this stylish wine cooler in any part of the house, and make every party outstanding and legendary with this stellar product. Sipmore also offers life-long technical consultation and customer service, so that all your worries are taken care of.

14. NewAir’s Cooler

The NewAir AWR-1600DB Premier Gold Series wine cooler is perfect for the avid wine collector. With room to store up to 160 bottles of your favorite vintage, the dual cooling zones allow you to keep both red and white wines at optimal temperatures as low as 40° F and as high as 66° F. The front venting design allows for flexible installation – either build it into a cabinet or use it as a free-standing model.

The 15 three-rail, sliding beech wood shelves offer a smooth glide and greater extension than similar units, allowing for easier bottle loading and convenient accessibility. Featuring smoke-tinted triple-layered glass with a reversible stainless-steel door, this wine cooler offers protection against both light and UV rays.

Premium LED lighting and dimming options provide better display adjustments. Moreover, the control panel gives you complete temperature control, the ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales and two LED brightness settings. This wine cooler also comes with an In-Home Warranty, designed to give you confidence in the company and peace of mind. 

15. Frigidaire’s FFWC3822QS

Organize and store your wine collection in this attractive, free-standing wine cooler. It holds up to 38 wine bottles for maximum storage of your favorite wines. The thermos-electric wine cooler will take care of your wine collection when it comes to perfect air precision and temperature maintenance. Precise electronic temperature control, with an LED digital display, helps you set the temperature anywhere between 41-64° F.

Two temperature zones allow you to store white, red and sparkling wines separately, to ensure each is kept at the appropriate temperature for maximum taste. We recommend storing red wines at 55-64° F and white and sparkling wines at 41-54° F. Adjustable temperature control lets you adjust the internal temperature of your wine cooler to your liking. The advanced compressor system delivers better cooling and helps maintain the internal temperature. Moreover, the reversible door swing option lets you install the door to open right or left, based on your needs.

16. Antarctic Star’s Cooler

Whether you’re looking to start your wine collection or want to increase storage options, this generously-sized product will get the job done efficiently and quietly. The wine cooler can house up to 36 standard white or red bottles. It is also perfect for canned beverages and beer storage.

Don’t worry about the shelves. Sturdy, removable and adjustable racks provide a space-efficient way to store bottles and it lets you keep almost any sized can or bottle in its spacious interior. Arrange your collection of wine, beer any way you like, with ease. The wine cooler also enables you to maintain optimal conditions for long-term aging. It works at the temperature range of 40° F -61° F.

This wine cabinet can be used with your furniture to make your room more stylish. With the soft purple glow of the LED Lighting, your living space feels cozier and homely. Glass doors with tight seals keep your wine at a steady temperature, and the double-tempered glass protects your wines from over-exposure.

Moreover, the wine cooler is equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making a noise. With no disturbance to its naturally occurring sediments, even their taste and flavor is preserved. The inside fan helps to evenly circulate the cold air to every corner to achieve the maximum cooling effect. The three-dimensional air-cooling cycle maintains a constant temperature of ±1 °C throughout the cabinet.

17. Whynter’s Cooler

Wine coolers by Whynter, offer premium quality and innovative design. Whether for the home, office or the yacht, their product is a centre-piece for any living space. This wine cooler offers a 20 bottle storage capacity, with vibration-free thermos-electric cooling. The thermos-electric technology operates with minimal noise and vibration, ensuring the delicate wine sediment is not agitated. This sleek counter-top unit, with a mirrored glass door, allows for compact and stylish wine preservation in any space.

The light-obscuring, mirrored tint of the glass doors provide added protection from UV rays that may affect the consistency of the wines. Moreover, the soft-touch digital control panel and adjustable thermostat, provide intuitive and precise temperature control. The digital thermostatic control maintains a consistent temperature, from 46-65° F.

It offers a sleek black cabinet and a space-saving, recessed handle with 5 removable, stainless steel trimmed, scalloped chrome shelves. The wine cooler is incorporated with solid-state components for long life. The only moving parts are the fans that circulate cool air within the wine cooler and dissipate heat outside the unit.

18. SMETA’s Cooler

Maximize your wine storage by picking up SMETA’s top wine cooler, which offers efficiency and durability like never before. It is a perfect choice for those who want to create their personal drinking place or minibar. It can hold up to a maximum of 35 standard size bottles. The stainless steel door frame and glass door give the refrigerator a stylish design, allowing you to easily show off your wine collection to friends, family or other collectors. This unit is suitable for storing different types of drinks such as white wine, red wine, sparkling wines or champagne.

Easy to use digital control panel, located at the top, allows adjustment of the internal temperature with just a push of a button. It offers a wide temperature range of 39.2°-64.4° F. Moreover, the advanced compressor system delivers better cooling with a long-life span. Also, the interior LED lighting provides the right amount of light, to view your collection without opening the door and to prevent overexposure.


Everyone demands perfection in each product. Such is the case with wine coolers too. We have provided you with a listing of the best wine coolers that won’t disappoint in any condition. And if they do, Amazon will make sure you are compensated in the best way possible. Their highly trained customer care department is easy to reach and quick to respond. All your concerns will be catered to in no time. So if you have the money to invest in near perfection, then look no further. They’ll truly be worth the investment.